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Yesterday we had Fr Daniel and Fr Justin and their respective spouses over for dinner and a house blessing. I was jolly pleased with the food. Other than the pudding, which was a reprisal of the rhubarb posset from Easter, everything was from Persiana which was a gift from [personal profile] borusa and [personal profile] cm a couple of Christmases ago, and is really rather good.

I made a pistachio and feta dip, then walnut, barberry and herb frittata as a starter, and pomegranate, split pea and meatball stew with a pearl barley, zatar and chargrilled vegetable salad. It was quite time-consuming, but everything except assembling the salad could be done in advance, so I wasn't too frantic on the day.

I did slightly regret not having replaced our broken food processor though, as there were an awful lot of herbs to chop. We'll be hitting up Which! shortly, but any personal recommendations gratefully received.


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