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Not so good to get to bed at 4am again, but at least sleeping till 2pm got me some, well, sleep.

Havva Quote
M__ should try Black Sails at some point.
w~~~~~~~ keeps briefly misreading as "Black Snails".
[anon@emit] "Arr," they say, oozing their way across the deck.

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Because apparently Halloween starts in August now. Let's do this.

GIF of Winona Ryder as Lydia Deets in 'Beetlejuice'
w text "I myself am strange and unusual."


It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I nosedived into the "strange and unusual." I've always thought of myself as weird, and I've been low-key Goth for ages. My dad read me Edgar Allen Poe stories before bed along with fairy tales and Little Golden Books. I used to collect the shed skins of Cicadas and line them up in front of my bedroom window. I loved Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, especially the gruesome illustrations, as well as anything by Edward Gorey, and I read Jack Prelutsky’s Halloween books until they fell apart.

I still have this moment of stunned disbelief when I meet people who don't love Halloween. Or who will just beg for candy and not dress up. I hate those people. Hate them! I will admit that Hocus Pocus utterly ruined my expectations for Halloween, and I still see the fictional Salem and its fabulous, fabulous Town Hall party as the goal I want to meet for celebrations one day; ditto the town in Trick r Treat. Still, I have never missed a chance to dress up.

Recently, however, I realized that my yearly "costumes" have been just exaggerated versions of how I dress on most days. My Halloween outfits from the past few years have been cobbled together from things I already own. So here is my not at all timely and possibly superfluous list of creepy clothes and accessories and how I acquired them. I’ve always had a darkish aesthetic, and this is where that’s gotten me.

So this is for those of you who haven’t amassed an unnecessarily large collection of dark and weird stuff. There are like a million tutorials and how-to lists on How To Goth On A Budget. And honestly y’all, it just takes time to pile up. I’ve had some of this crap since the 90s. But if you’re thinking the best way to be “authentic” is to buy super expensive, hand-made, boutique stuff--don’t. There are other ways.

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Posted by Associated Press

Gregory used his humour to break racial barriers in the 1960s and even ran for president in 1968

Dick Gregory, who broke racial barriers in the 1960s and used humour to spread messages of social justice and nutritional health, has died. He was 84.

Gregory’s son, Christian, said his father died late on Saturday in Washington, DC after being hospitalised for about a week. He had suffered a severe bacterial infection.

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Sunday Secrets

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:56 pm[syndicated profile] post_secret_feed

Posted by Frank

I love the mystery of this secret. It might be a cantankerous response to the previous postcard. The next mega-exhibition at the American Visionary Art Museum will be “The Great Mystery Show”. Several dozen mysterious PostSecrets will be included when it opens, however, this week is your last chance to see the current exhibit and secrets.  If you have never been to the AVAM it is so worth a road-trip.

WordPress has been working with me to update and improve this blog. If you have any compliments or complaints please share them in the comments. Oh, and remember, if your suggestion is that I post more secrets, you need to mail me more postcards.

Classic Secrets

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:08 pm[syndicated profile] post_secret_feed

Posted by Frank


Dear Frank-
My family and
I came across a picture that was hidden in my Great-Grandfathers wallet. He passed away 9 years ago. He was a solider in the Korean War and retired from the service after 20 years. The lady in the picture is not my Great- Grandmother to whom he was married to for 57 years. It has also come to light in the recent weeks, that he may have fathered a child while he was stationed in Fort Irwin.

My family and  I are not sure if the woman in the picture is of his supposed child. However, there is a cryptic message written on the back of the photo that none of us can out how to go about translating it. We are unaware what language it is written in. My best friend told me to seek your help in finding out what the message is. I really hope you can help us!

Posted by Australian Associated Press

Meads, who has died of pancreatic cancer, played 133 games for the All Blacks, including 55 tests, from 1957 to 1971.

Colin Meads, the famously tough All Blacks captain hailed as New Zealand’s greatest rugby player of the 20th century, has died after suffering from cancer. He was 81.

Meads played 55 tests among 133 games for New Zealand between 1957 and 1971 – a prodigious number in an era in which the All Blacks seldom played more than four tests a year.

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Posted by Michael Safi in Delhi

The Guardian has published pages from a customs intelligence notice alleging the company has shifted huge sums of money into offshore bank accounts

India’s main opposition party has called for a fresh, supreme court-monitored probe into allegations mining giant the Adani Group fraudulently siphoned nearly $235m into overseas tax havens.

This week the Guardian published Indian customs intelligence documents alleging Adani Group inflated invoices on an electricity project in India to shift huge sums of money into offshore bank accounts.

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Aug. 19th, 2017 10:51 pm[personal profile] buttonsbeadslace
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Two straight hours of Sounds is about the limit. 

Sparkly and I got a lot of housework done today. I really appreciate eir help. I put some laundry away and cleaned the litter box, while ey took out the kitchen trash, collected up a bunch of recycling, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and vacuumed the whole apartment. Now everything will be nice and clean when Cube Guy gets back. (I should still take out the recycling, though.)

Posted by Australian Associated Press

Meads, who has died of pancreatic cancer, played 133 games for the All Blacks, including 55 tests, from 1957 to 1971.

All Blacks rugby legend Colin Meads has died from pancreatic cancer, aged 81.

New Zealand prime minister Bill English said he was not only a great All Black but a “genuinely good bloke”.

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The pictures of the total solar eclipse will also be used to study the Sun's outermost atmosphere.

Posted by Guardian staff

Scientists perplexed by wildfire that has been burning since July in grassland just 40 miles from the ice sheet

A large wildfire has been burning in Greenland for at least two weeks.

The wildfire was first spotted by satellites on 31 July and last photographed on 16 August when it was still growing. It was burning about 40 miles from the Greenland ice sheet and about 90 miles northeast of the city of Sisimiut.

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Posted by Agence France-Presse

Researchers say cruiser sunk by a Japanese submarine in the last days of the war has been located off the Philippines

The wreckage of the second world war cruiser USS Indianapolis has been found off the coast of the Philippines 72 years after it was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

The hulk was found in the Philippine sea 5.5km (3.4 miles) below the surface, according to philanthropist Paul Allen, who headed the civilian research crew that located the ship.

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Posted by Elizabeth Beattie in Hong Kong

Discussion of the issue is rare in Hong Kong but a small group of women is using workshops and Facebook to break the silence

In a sex-toy shop nestled in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, a quiet revolution is taking place.

Amid the usual paraphernalia you might expect on the shelves of Sally’s Toys is a stack of menstrual cups, a clue to the outlet’s second life. Once a week, the shop hosts education sessions for women on a taboo subject: periods.

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Tired covers it

Aug. 19th, 2017 09:28 pm[personal profile] julian
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In the spirit of solidarity with Charlottesville, I went off to laugh at neo-Nazis with 20,000-40,000 of my closest friends, and get labeled an anti-police agitator by our Very Own President, today.

The general idea, as transmitted in one of the orientation sessions I went to, was to show up, stand tall, and nnnnnot let ourselves get drawn into confrontations by the white supremacists, who would be trying their darndest to make this happen.

So I got decked out in my "I stand by my Muslim neighbors" t-shirt and wandered down to Roxbury Crossing, found fairly organized Socialists a-plenty, and got the best poster off them ever. Picture with a new friend from much later in the march, slight content warning for concentration camp imagery:

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They also had lynching ones, but basically I'm squicked by blood and gore, whereas the concentration camp one might well be triggering to some, but it also had people pausing to look at it, nodding to me soberly, and moving on. (I also got several high-fives for the shirt.)

Anyway, I eventually found the actual Black Lives Matter march leaders, plus Tito Jackson (candidate for mayor) doing his best preachin', and then we got started late. (Because, it is a march and it is required.) Soon enough, I stumbled onto my brother and his wife, or more accurately he stumbled across me while admiring my poster, and had marching partners. (I was going to hook up with Dedham Unitarians, but I couldn't find them.)

Since we started late, and because 20,000 marchers move slowly, we missed the so-called "Free Speech Rally" entirely, since they got shuffled off at 1:30 or so, and I wasn't even to the Common by that point, I think.

I did encounter some AntiFa-plus-BLM activists around 3:30 or so down by Park Street T stop, who had found some of the white supremacists who (for agitation reasons) had stuck around. One of them got pizza thrown at him (which almost hit me as I ducked into the convenience store), and then another one was rather literally surrounded by people *entirely* willing to argue with him until the cows came home, so I figured that was pretty much covered and bailed. As it turns out, there was a little bit of violence after that, but not much at all.

About 25 arrests for minor things, and a white supremacist arrested for carrying a gun without a permit or something similar. There were also some people throwing rocks (and bottles filled with piss, wtf?) at the police, sigh. Overall, the police were incredibly helpful during the march, and then got somewhat violent as the day progressed, but they were only slightly more pissy than I expected. Overall, worth thanking.

Link smatterings: Scale of the so-called "Free Speech Rally", as compared to counter-protestors. Roxbury Crossing area, around when things started, some Globe photos.
Oxford University employee Andrew Warren is one of two men charged with killing a 26-year-old hair stylist.

Posted by John Scalzi

A small piece of security information for you: Whatever (was well as the whole site, now operates using https, for extra added security. Mind you, as this site does very little in the way of transactions or anything security-critical, this may not be a big deal to anyone. On the other hand, Google sent me a note recently noting that unless I switched over to https, they’d start blasting “INSECURE” in the URL field of the Chrome browser, so, fine. Now it’s secure. Enjoy the securiosity! No, that’s not a real word. Even so.


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