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Oogh. Somewhere in the last year or so I seem to have completely lost my erstwhile ability to drink truckloads of diet coke and fall asleep anyway, so I'm now functioning on very little sleep. I think I'm going to have to institute a "no caffiene after six pm" rule.

The new job continues to go well. I'm out of the honeymoon period, and people are still generally helpful and lovely, but I'm now confident that they're not just putting on their best behaviour for the new guy. I'm now firmly past the stage where I'm just learning new things, and feel like I'm making substantial and concrete contributions (although I'm definitely still asking questions at a formidable rate, which I hope isn't annoying my team too much!)

I recently finished reading a couple of books by Samuel Delany. The first one, Hogg, can only be described as violent hardcore pornography. It was disgusting and vicious and visceral and vile, even by my generally open-minded standards. It was also fascinating and compelling at the same time as being deeply uncomfortable reading. It invites comparisons to Lolita and 120 Days of Sodom, and also reminds me, in its exquistitely written journey into a pit of depravity and unpleasantness, to [personal profile] hjdoom's novel "This is not a Love Song".

I followed that with one of his earlier and shorter SF offerings, Babel-17, and whilst the deftness with the English language is a common feature, they couldn't be more different in terms of content and ambience, and reading this was an unalloyed pleasure. On one level it's classic science fiction with a fast-paced plot and spaceship battles and intrigue and betrayal, but on another it's a work of poetry and an exploration of the psychology of trauma, and a love song to language.

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Job sounds like a keeper :)

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