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I had a quiet and pleasant bank holiday weekend. I woke early on Saturday and did a bit more clearing of the garden shed, resulting in enough free space to set up my gym in there, and did my first set of heavy squats for nearly a year. I was pleasantly surprised by how much strength I’d retained* although I predictably left myself rather achey for the rest of the weekend. I then went over to church at a gentle jog and met up with Fr Daniel for an organ lesson. We’ve recently lost a long term tenant and therefore taken a bit of an income hit, and were considering only having a paid organist some of the time as a cost-saving measure, so so I was going to see if I could reach a standard where I could usefully fill in. Things are looking fairly hopeful on the “finding a new tenant” front, so with a bit of luck I won’t have to inflict my playing on an unsuspecting congregation in the immediate future, but it seems like it could still be a useful skill to acquire.

On Sunday I had another early start, and then watched a couple of episodes of “Dear White People...” There’s a slight weirdness in that there’s an awful lot of continuity with the film (which I saw last week), to the extent of fairly lengthy flashbacks of verbatim dialogue, but there are also a few significant plot points where it diverges, and I’m finding that a little bit jarring. I really like that it explores the complexity of race relations from a variety of black perspectives, and for once the internality of the white folk is given limited attention. There is a slightly frustrating departure from this in the first episode, where Gabe, the lead character’s white boyfriend, acts like an arse and then gets all fragile about having his privilege pointed out, and the show seemed less critical of this than I might have expected, but despite these minor flaws, I’m enjoying it a lot.

That afternoon we had planned to investigate Sunday lunch at our new local, the Salisbury, but it turned out the kitchen was closed, so we went to one of our old haunts, The Old Dairy which lived up to my expectations of decent gastro-pub fare. Feeling quite replete I went for a late afternoon nap, and apparently the early mornings, or just getting old, had been catching up with me, as I ended up sleeping right through to Monday morning!

On Monday the soreness from the weightlifting kicked in a bit more vigorously, so I had a very gentle day, mostly soaking in the bath and playing piano, plus a little bit of productivity on the church accounts, and making a start on the scripts for the next installment of our readthrough of Game of Thrones.

*Work set at 72.5 kg, compared to a pb of 93.5, but I deliberately stopped a bit light of what I probably could lift, because it seemed safer to ease back into it.

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Organ playing does sound like a potentially useful skill.

Hooray for weightlifting. I think I might be nearly ready to start thinking about it myself.


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