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Sebastian ([personal profile] wildeabandon) wrote2017-06-09 09:12 am

Good things/bad things

+ UKIP vote absolutely through the floor, and they have no MPs again.
- That pillock who used to lead them is still getting screentime.
+ Diane Abbott (another person with whom I disagree politically but have a lot of respect for as a person) was re-elected with a significantly increased majority, despite the media attacking her disproportionately for reasons which totally have nothing to do with misogynoir
- Zac sodding Goldsmith winning Richmond
+ Mhairi Black and Caroline Lucas both retained their seats (the latter with a considerably improved majority)
- A depressing amount of my twitter feed is Labour & Lib Dems snipping at one another for not voting tactically, and both parties claiming that they did so and the others didn't.
+ More female Lib Dems, including a woman of Palestinian descent. More female MPs in general. New BAME MPs and openly disabled MPs (although I'm not sure about numbers, I would guess they've probably gone up as well)
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[personal profile] emperor 2017-06-09 10:28 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, local results to me are a bit sad, but I'll take them given the overall outcome.