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It's been a relatively uneventful week. Last weekend [personal profile] smhwpf came over so I could show him how I do the church bookkeeping, which he is very nobly taking off my hands, and on Sunday evening we had our monthly "House Date Night", and played Dominion, of which we very egalitarianly* won one game each. I went to another rehearsal of the university choir, which feels like it's going quite well. In particular, when the director made us get all mixed up and stand with the other parts, I was a lot more able to hold to the tenor line without following the people next to me than I expected to be.

On Thursday I took myself to the cinema to see All Is True, a heavily fictionalised biopic about Shakespeare's later life. It's got fairly variable reviews, and I think that's probably fair - the plot is a bit meandering, and some of the characters are a bit two-dimensional, but there's some stellar acting, and I very much appreciated the bi representation.

Friday Five on grocery shopping
1. Do you make up a dinner plan for the coming week?
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I went to see Kiss Me Kate at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York last night. I enjoyed it a great deal - I like all of musicals and Shakespeare and show-within-a-show meta narratives, so was definitely the target audience. I thought it didn't have enough [personal profile] leonato in, but it's possible that I'm slightly biased on that score. Of the four leads there was a bit of a gender imbalance. Petruchio and Lucentio both gave decent, if somewhat workmanlike performances, but they were thoroughly eclipsed by Bianca and (especially) Kate, who were absolutely stupendous.

From: https://thefridayfive.dreamwidth.org/86197.html

1. What size (twin, full, etc.) is your bed?
I generally can't remember what size is what, but I bought a new mattress relatively recently, so my order history tells me that it's a UK King (150 by 200 cm). Big enough that when I'm sharing it we can both sprawl a reasonable amount without landing on top of one another. The bed in my Huddersfield flat is a double, but there's generally only me sleeping on it.

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I got some bad news yesterday. We found out a couple of months ago that my brother out-law has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He had the thyroid removed a couple of weeks ago, which appeared to go well, but they've now got the results of the biopsy, and they didn't get it all. I don't yet have any more details of the prognosis, but it's pretty worrying.

In the face of that it seems a bit churlish to complain that I'm feeling under the weather, but still... I don't actually seem to have any symptoms of anything, but I've been sleeping loads - last night I went to bed at half past nine, thinking "when I wake up ridiculously early I can just use the time to get on with stuff", and then the next thing I know is my alarm going off ten hours later. Also running has felt rather harder than it should for the last couple of days.

On a more cheering note, I am quite pleased with myself for managing to drag myself out and go for a run anyway, despite really really not feeling like it. It was both shorter and slower than planned, but I think good for habit forming anyway. I've got choir practice this afternoon, which I'm looking forward to, and then I'm seeing Nathan this evening, and [personal profile] leonato on stage on Thursday, and then this weekend [personal profile] obandsoller and I are going out for a transferred Valentines Day dinner, since a)I'm in Huddersfield, and b)we want to avoid the overpriced set menus on the day itself. So lots of good stuff to look forward to.
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Update against my goals for the year.

To-doist seems to be working for me, but most new systems lead to some improvements intitially, so I'll be more impressed if it's continuing to work in another couple of months.
Monthly update - check
No new projects - qualified success; I haven't taken on any new projects, but starting to work away from home is using a lot of energy and time, which would otherwise go on existing projects

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Jan. 30th, 2019 11:38 am
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I have joined the Huddersfield University Choir, which is helpfully unauditioned. I'm singing with the tenors, which is a little bit outside my comfort zone, but not too much, and will help me to work on strengthening the top of my range.

Having been a bit disappointed with "The Favourite", last weekend we went to see another film in the "queer women's period drama" genre, 'Collette'. I enjoyed this one a lot more. It helps that I quite fancy Keira Knightley, as well as rating her as an actress. I liked that they manage to make her husband, whilst the antagonist and a terrible person in many ways, still sympathetic and not a pantomime villain.

I'm now mostly settled into my flat in Huddersfield. I've only got enough crockery for one person, but there's not really enough space for entertaining anyway, so I'm quite tempted to just leave the rest of my spares in London, so that I'm forced to stay on top of the washing up. I'm very close to the canal, and not only that, but to a 2.5 mile stretch which isn't muddy, so doing that out and back makes a fairly sensible run for most days. I still haven't managed to source a piano to practice on, which is a bit of a pain, but I shall keep chasing, and once that's sorted I think I should have everything I need to keep a routine going on all the things I want to be doing here.
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This week I auditioned for a new choir. I've got an enormous amount out of singing with the LGMC and I love the community very much, but I feel as though I've reached a bit of a plateau musically with them, and wanted to find a smaller group that did more challenging rep at a faster pace. The obvious candidate here was Diversity, London's LGBT chamber choir, who conveniently had an open rehearsal and intake day coming up just after I'd decided I'd like to give them a try.

The open rehearsal was last week, and I enjoyed it a lot - they were learning Verdi's Requiem, and it felt challenging, but at the 'just outside my comfort zone' level, rather than 'I'll never be able to keep up in a million years'. This week I went to another rehearsal followed by an audition. At which I felt that despite being hella nervous, I gave a reasonable, if not absolutely optimal, demonstration of my capabilities. And was unsuccessful, so that kinda sucks.

The feedback was "The musical director considers that you have a decent instrument, but your register is a little unconfident and unsure, seeming to fall between bass and tenor and would not really fit in with our musical requirements. He feels sure this could be solved if you have some singing lessons." Which is at least useful and reasonably actionable, and I think will give me the motivation to actually keep up daily vocal exercises to extend my range.

I'd already taken this term off from the LGMC, because whilst I'm working in Huddersfield it's not really practical to attend rehearsals, but I'm now thinking that I'll probably just leave, spend some time working on improving my range and confidence, and then when I'm back in London, reaudition for Diversity, and if I fail again, look for another choir that will tick more of the same boxes than the Chorus does.

In the meantime we're planning a few more outings of the St John's Singers, and introducing sung psalmody at Mass which should help with the confidence, and give me fun things to sing as well as exercises. I'm feeling a bit deflated and disappointed, but having a plan for what to do next does help.
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I started a new contract this week, up in Huddersfield, and so far it's going pretty well. My last couple of contracts before the Christmas break were both hands on operational stuff with no management responsibilities, and whilst it was a nice change after a couple of years in leadership roles to actually get my hands properly on the data again, I had started missing the more strategic challenges. The current role doesn't have any line management, but I've got to deliver a big project with lots of stakeholders, which basically means I get to do all the fun bits of management without the tedious HR stuff.

As well as giving me an interesting project, my client are also keen to engage me on a "deliver these things and we will pay you this lump sum" basis, rather than the usual "work for us for this period and we will pay you this amount per day". This is great, because it means that my usual method of "procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, go 'Oh shit! A deadline!' and deliver an astonishing amount of work in a very short time so that the client is happy, but feel guilty for charging them for procrastination" now comes guilt free :) (And also, I suspect, a bit closer to procrastination free, because I won't feel the pressure to be sat at my desk and looking as though I'm working, and will be more inclined to just go and do something more useful or interesting if I'm clearly not getting work done.

It's a bit of a drag being away from home again, but I've already found myself a little flat about 5 minutes from where I'll be working, so unlike in Birmingham I won't be needing to drag my stuff to a new AirBnB each week. I'll pick up the keys tomorrow, and move stuff in gradually over the next couple of weeks. I'm still figuring out whether I'll need to get my spare piano sent up here, or if I can borrow practice rooms from the university. And I should be able to work from home quite a bit, which makes the distance easier. And I'm closer to [personal profile] leonato, and my parents, and various fabulous people whom I don't see often enough, so as clouds go, this one is pretty silver-lined.
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Last week I went for a silent retreat at St Beuno's (pronounced bi nose) Jesuit Centre. It was a profoundly enriching experience, challenging at times, comforting at others, and one which has left my faith deeper, richer and far more steadfast than it has ever been.
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I'm not going to talk too much about the detail of the prayer and the spiritual growth that happened, because it feels a bit too private, but I've come away full of intentions of changes to make to build on and continue that growth. Read more... )
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It's been a good couple of days. As I had hoped, I got the pacing rather better at Parkrun on Saturday, and knocked a not-too-shabby 38 seconds off my PB. And that was still with some pacing mistakes, so I think there's still a little bit of improvement that I can make fairly quickly, before having to rely on the slow and steady process of gradually getting fitter.

That evening Ramesh & I went to the cinema to see "The Favourite". I was expecting to enjoy it, as it ticks lots of the boxes I like - period drama with queers and political conniving, but I completely bounced off it - I found nearly all the characters unlikeable and thus uninteresting, and the anachronisms felt quite grating (I don't mind them in something that's clearly meant to be light-hearted fun, but this film felt like it couldn't make up its mind whether it was that or Serious Drama(tm)). Having said that, [profile] obandoller really enjoyed it, and so far everything I've seen anyone else write about it has been positive, so don't let the fact that it didn't work for me put you off seeing it.

We followed the film with dinner at Bistro Aix, which was pretty good. Particularly stand out was my tart tatin, which had perfect crisp pastry, and the sticky-sweetness of the apple cut through with a very generous slug of flaming calvados, and delightfully contrasted with a scoop of cooling lavender ice-cream.

Yesterday started with Mass, followed by the taking down of Christmas trees both in church and at home. It was sad to put all the decorations away, but the sitting room does feel a lot bigger! Then in the afternoon I went to an event called "Your Queer New Year", organised by [personal profile] booklectica at the Oscar Wilde Temple in Clapham. It was a great event - a good balance of quiet contemplation and structure social interaction, and the exhibition is just gorgeous. It's fairly small, so probably not worth a trip from out-of-town just to see, but if you're local, or going to be in London for something else, I'd recommended finding an hour or so to spend there if you can.
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Well, the year seems to be starting pretty well. I finished off both the part time contracts I had just before Christmas, so I got to follow a fairly hectic festival with a week and a half of very few commitments.

I've switched to using todoist to manage my task list, and so far am finding that it's meeting my needs better than most of the things I've tried before. We'll have to see how well that holds up once I get back to work and travelling and life gets generally more hectic, but I'm feeling pretty positive about it so far, and making absolutely storming progress on getting through things. I've done an important and time-sensitive bit of personal admin that I'd been putting off for literally years, and managed to get the church accounts to the auditor an astonishing three days after the end of the period they're covering.

I've been doing quite a bit of running as well. On New Year's Day [personal profile] robert_jones and [personal profile] borusa and I all did the annual double Parkrun. I decided it would be a good idea to get a gentle warm up by jogging to the first one, but then like a numpty I left without my barcode, and by the time I'd realised and run back to get it my warm-up was about 1.5km further and rather faster than I had intended. Between that at making the wrong decision about which one to go all out at, I came a few seconds short of a PB (unlike Jones, who got two in a row), but since that's coming at it after a few months of not running much due to injury followed by laziness, I'm fairly confident that I can make some decent improvements over the next little while if I stick at it. I'm planning on focusing on shorter distances for the next year or so, as I've got some fairly major surgery coming up, in the form of a three part operation with 3-6 months recovery between each part, and that rather rules out an extended training period.

Yesterday I made a visit to Canterbury Cathedral for Evensong. It's the first time I've been there, and it's a wee bit bigger than St John's! The particular draw was the premiere of [personal profile] artsyhonker's anthem "There is no Rose", which was both beautiful and performed very well. Afterwards she and I and [personal profile] hairyears retired to a nearby hostelry with a few other members of the choir for dinner and music geeking. I still get a lot of imposter syndrome about the idea that I'm allowed to make music when I'm surrounded by other people who are actually good at it, but I was conscious last night that it was less in force than it sometimes is.

As I mentioned in my "Goals for 2019" post, I'm now trying to rein in my spending a bit this year, so cutting down on frivolous purchases, but there are a few that I made last year which I was still waiting for, and one of them arrived this morning. How good are these shoes?

2019 Goals

Dec. 31st, 2018 03:23 pm
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This is very much a draft, so any comments or suggestions of things I might want to add much appreciated. I feel as though there should be a section for spiritual stuff, but I'm not quite sure what to put in it, and since I'm going on retreat next week I'm hoping to come out of that with more clarity.
  • Find a to-do list app that works for me and doesn't end up sprawling into multiple apps and text files and inboxes

  • Update DW monthly with progress against these goals and a plan for the following month

  • Do NOT take on any new project, hobbies, or major commitments until after the wedding!

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    What am I missing? Or have I gone completely overboard? What are your goals for 2019?

    *As it turns out, I did actually spend 6% less in 2018 than I did in 2017, so it is moving in the right direction, but still 34% more than in 2016. 2017 was very spendy!
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2017;2016; 2015; 2014; 2000-2009

Was 2018 a good year for you?
I think I can quote last year's answer verbatim: "For me personally, yes, very much. Obviously the world of politics is a gigantic trashfire in ways that are quite scary, but I am in the immensely fortunate position of not being personally affected in any serious way, and in fact, my own life just keeps getting more and more awesome."

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I've had a lovely weekend so far. On Friday evening I came up to York and went out for a delightful meal with [personal profile] leonato at The Park. They do a seven (plus optional extra cheese) course tasting menu, and the first couple of courses were perfectly pleasant, but flawed. The first was a game ragu that was just a bit too thick to feel like a soup, and therefore seemed unbalanced without any kind of carb element (and it's not very often you'll hear non-enough-carbs as a criticism from me!) The second was scallop with cauliflower and lentils, and was quite strongly spiced, in a way that I'd like by itself, but was a bit overpowering for the fish, which felt like a shame.

After that though, they really stepped up their game, and my enjoyment of each course increased monotonically. Sea trout with wasabi, beetroot and cucumber came together in a splendid fusion of British and Japanese flavours. The main course was pork done in a multitude of ways, really highlighting the versatility which is my favourite thing about the meat. We were served Baron Bigod cheese, which had the pungent cauliflower flavours of a good ripe brie, but the smooth creaminess of a fresh ricotta.

We had a lemon pre-desert with tea, ice-cream and posset; all intensely citrussy, but with the acidity and sweetness perfectly balanced. And as a final course a trio of spiced quince, a sherry parfait, and a pistacio mousse, topped with a sherry ice-cream with a flick of salted caramel. If I were to make one criticism of this dish, it would be that each element was better by itself than in concert with the others, but that was easy to fix by eating them one at a time, and the individual parts were all very very tasty indeed.

Eight courses for two and a wine pairing for one came to a very reasonable £230 including service.

On Saturday I went to Castle Howard, where [personal profile] leonato was singing carols. Every year they transform the house with a different Christmassy theme, and this year it was the Twelve Days, so as we went round there were geese-a-laying and swans-a-swimmng to be spotted amongst the finery. We finished touring just as the choir were about to sing, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I like carols a lot, and hearing Mark sing is always one of my favourite things.

Later in the afternoon I travelled over to Sheffield for [personal profile] sfred's 40th Birthday party. It was an excellent gathering, full of excellent people. It was particularly delightful to have a proper catch up with [personal profile] barakta and to finally meet [personal profile] miss_s_b in the flesh, after many years of knowing her online. Unfortunately I had to leave relatively early, so I only caught up with [personal profile] taimatsu very briefly, but I was very pleased I got to see her looking jaw-droppingly stunning in her new suit.

The journey back to York was much less enjoyable, due to mild incompetence on my part meaning I spent a lot longer waiting in cold train stations than necessary, discovering that at some point during the day I'd lost my kindle, and the presence of some rather obnoxiously loud drunk people on the last train. But I got back eventually, and there was a very handsome man waiting to warm me up, so I can't really complain all that much.

This morning I'll be heading back to London for an afternoon of rehearsing for and an evening of singing in the St John's Carol Service, and then headlong into show week for the Oom Pah Pah, the LGMC Christmas Extravaganza.


Dec. 14th, 2018 02:52 pm
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Last night [personal profile] hjdoom & I went to see The Musical of Musicals: The Musical at the Above the Stag Theatre in Vauxhall, and both really enjoyed it - it's only on for another week, but if you're a musicals fan then see it if you can.

It's a very clever piece, poking gentle fun at some of the most well known writers of musicals. It's in five parts, with the same character archetypes playing out slight variations on the same plot each time, so not a show to go to for the storytelling, but the music is brilliant and the layers upon layers of references are tremendous fun. It's clearly a very demanding show - with only four performers (four singers and one pianist) and some difficult singing, especially in the Sondheim-esque section, any weak link would be very stark - but this cast absolutely nailed it. The acting was hammy, but that fit the script well, and the singing was excellent. The choreography was kept relatively simple, but delivered well, and the small space and fairly limited budget were used wisely and well. Highly recommended.

I've seen quite a few other bits theatre over the last couple of months, and having failed to write about it immediately I probably can't manage any in depth reviews, but in brief:

[personal profile] cuddlyviking and I saw Measure for Measure at the Donmar, and thought it was an excellent production. The first act was a heavily cut version of the entire play set around the time it was written. The second act rewound and played it again, even more heavily cut, but with Angelo and Isabella's roles swapped, and set in the modern day. I found this a really interesting way of looking at the play, although the fact that we saw it the week after the Kavanaugh nomination made it even more uncomfortable than it might otherwise have been.

With [personal profile] obandsoller I saw:
Heathers: The musical, at the Theatre Royal Haymarket which was disappointing. It felt as if whoever did the adaptation didn't really understand the film; Veronica was too timid and JD wasn't sexy. With the exception of Heather Duke, the singing was only okay, and the changes they made to the plot (which let's face it, already stretches credulity) much harder to suspend disbelief over. Still most of the rest of the audience seemed to have a whale of a time, so I might just not have been their target demographic.

Maurice, also at Above the Stag, which was pretty good. It was a fairly straightforward adaptation of the novel, with a fairly small cast who all acted well. It was in turns poignant and sexy, Clive was suitably ghastly and Scudder appropriately hot.

The Inheritance at the Young Vic, was the best theatre I've seen all year, up there amongst the best I've ever seen in my life. We saw both parts in one day, which is a lot of time to spend in a theatre seat, but I was enraptured for every minute of it. I wept, and I laughed, and I felt shivers go up and down my spine. It's an incredibly powerful piece of theatre - by queer people, for (but not just for) queer people. Telling an important story and asking important questions about how we learn from our history without letting it define us.
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Yesterday [personal profile] borusa and I made a slight variation on our usual monthly dinner date and went to The Great Christmas Feast - a four course dinner interspersed with a retelling of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.

We had a fabulous time. All of the food was good, and the fish course was very good indeed. The storyteller was an excellent actor; starting off in his role as Dickens himself, but shifting effortlessly from character to character as the tale unfolded. It wasn't entirely clear from the advertising how much interaction there would be, which I think might make some people nervous, but in the end there was very little - a couple of people were briefly brought into the scenes, particularly towards the end, but mostly just to stand there and be acted around, rather than being expected to join in.

The pacing and engagement was extremely good; it started off feeling like a cosy bedtime story, and built in intensity throughout the evening, ending with Scrooge quite frenetic and almost manic as he discovered his spirit of generosity. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and will be keeping an eye out for future events by the same people.
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We have a new vicar! In fact, we've had her for about three weeks now, and so far I think she's just as brilliant as I hoped and expected. It feels as though there's a new lease of life in the parish and the weight on my shoulders is a great deal lighter. We also have a very pleasing addition to the congregation in the form of [personal profile] smhwpf, who has not only just moved back to London, but from next week will be just up the road from us. This is great not only because it means I get to see more of him, but also because he very foolishly volunteered to take on one of my excessive number of hats; handing over responsibilities always feels good, but especially so when it's to someone you know is going to be competent :D

All this lightening of the load has been quite timely, as it's given me a bit more space to focus on the more spiritual aspects of my religious life, which I've been sorely in need of. I went to a one day Ignatian retreat at the Mount Street Jesuit centre, which gave me some time and structure in which to reflect further on the vocational questions I've been exploring recently. That, combined with some very helpful conversations with [personal profile] artsyhonker and Fr Angus (my confessor/informal spiritual director) has let me develop a lot more clarity. I'm now back to being fairly confident that I don't have a vocation to the priesthood. I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of one developing later, but definitely not now.

In the meantime though, I've got a clearer sense of what I am called to do within the church. It very probably does include Lay Readership, but something that really crystalised whilst I was talking to Fr Angus yesterday is that it also involves music. This is scary, because clearly I'm barely competent enough to participate in making music, let alone be allowed to try and lead and develop doing so. But oh well, apparently that's what I'm supposed to be doing, so I guess my insecurities about it are just going to have to go do one... Obviously the details of what this might entail is going to need some thought and some conversation with Mthr Alice, but it's good to have a direction.
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I've been working on my new contract for a couple of weeks now, and it's going pretty well. I was a bit worried that I'd find it hard to be productive working entirely from home, but it turns out that as long as I have very clear and specific goals and deadlines I'm finding it quite easy to knuckle down.

One of the main things I'd been planning to do with the extra time freed up from not commuting is getting into a more vigorous exercise routine, but I've been slightly scuppered by a calf injury. Attentive readers may remember that I've signed up for another 10k on the same route as the last one I did, in theory to see how much better I could do if I actually trained for it. So it's a smidge frustrating to get three weeks into training, and then pull a muscle in my calf and have to stop running. I keep thinking it's better, then trying to go for a run, and realising quickly that it's still not quite right and I should stop risking making it worse.

Instead I've been going swimming at the local pool, and since once you're going at least 3 times a week it works out cheaper to get gym membership I've done that as well, and am hoping that using the cross-trainers will be similar enough to running to count as training for the race, but different enough (and specifically, impact-free enough) that it doesn't get in the way of my calf healing. I spent a little while on Sunday picking up heavy things and putting them down again, and as usual after the first time in a while I then spent the following three days creaking like an old man every time I moved...

I've also signed up for swimming lessons, as although I can potter back and forth tolerably enough, I know my technique is horribly inefficient, and I'd quite like to learn how to do fancy underwater turns without coming up spluttering with water up my nose. I was supposed to have the first on on Tuesday, but the instructor didn't show up, which was slightly annoying. (Although I suspect more annoying for the other student, who appears to be at much more of a beginner stage than me, so couldn't even use the time to swim lengths.) Hopefully it was just a one-off and I can get started properly next week.
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This week was [personal profile] obandsoller's birthday, and I took him out for dinner at the Clove Club. I'd been there before with [personal profile] borusa and been very impressed - at the time I was starting to feel a bit jaded with tasting menus, and it got me excited about them again.

This time the food felt a little bit less experimental, but was still very good indeed. My favourite course was sardine sashimi with worcester sauce and english mustard, served on a potato crisp. It just popped like magic - sharp and salt and incredibly fresh, firm fish and a lovely contrasting texture from the crisp.

The best thing about the meal though, was that they did a non-alcoholic drinks pairing. Nowadays I don't miss drinking very often, but wine pairings were one of my greatest pleasures and sadly missed. I can't say how delighted I was to be able to have that again. It was a really good pairing as well. A mixture of teas, juices, infusions, and nut milks, and it was very clear how much thought had gone into pairing them well. My favourite was either a warm infusion of cepes mushrooms and sloe berries which went with my first main course, or a mixed berry juice with lapsong-souchong syrup to go with the first dessert. I really can't recommend it enough. (£420 including service for two tasting menus with pairings, plus a couple of cocktails each)

Love meme

Aug. 29th, 2018 10:02 am
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[personal profile] kaberett is hosting a Love meme.

Go and nominate yourself, and say nice things to/about people you like.

Week off!

Aug. 28th, 2018 04:52 pm
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I've had the last week off work, which has been lovely. We didn't go away, but we did lots of 'touristy' things in London. Monday didn't go exactly as planned. It started well, with a delicious breakfast at Ottolenghi, but then we headed to the Southbank to see the Drag exhibition at the Hayward, only to discover that it didn't actually open until Wednesday. Oh well, we thought, let's go to the Somewhere In Between installation at the Wellcome, but it turns out that their exhibitions aren't open on Mondays. At that point we gave up and went home... That evening was an LGMC rehearsal, and it's feeling really good to be getting back into the swing of things again.

On Tuesday morning we went to the Sublime Symmetry exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery, showcasing the art of William DeMorgan, which was perhaps a little disappointing. There were some quite pretty pieces, but nothing that really grabbed me, and there was less of a mathematical underpinning that we were expecting. We then headed to the Southwark Playhouse to see Bring it On, a musical by (amongst others) Lin Manuel Miranda, very loosely based on the teen movie of the same name. This wasn't as brilliant as Hamilton, or even In The Heights, but it was still a very enjoyable show with some catchy tunes and fabulous dancing/cheer routines.

On Wednesday Ramesh had a lie in and I caught up on some admin, then we went for a short walk in order to build up an appetite for the evening, when [personal profile] robert_jones very kindly took us out to dinner at Le Gavroche. Thursday was another fairly quiet day, and then in the evening we went to see The Importance of Being Earnest at the Vaudeville. This was the final installation of the Wilde season which has been running all year, and probably the most disappointing. Cecily and Lady Bracknell were excellent, and Gwendolyn and all the smaller parts were done very well, but sadly the male leads were a bit weak. Probably because of a rather odd directorial choice, they were delivering all of their lines at breakneck pace, and not leaving any time for the audience to react. It's such an excellent play that it was still tremendous fun, but I've definitely seen it done better, and am quite tempted to organise a readthrough of it sometime soon and see what my marvellously talented friends can bring to it.

On Friday we made our second and successful attempt at the Drag exhibition, which was smaller than we were expecting, but also free, which we hadn't realised. There were a few really striking pieces - I particularly liked "His Majesty the Queen", by Luciano Castelli, but the exhibition as a whole didn't seem entirely coherent. It's definitely worth a look if you're in the area, but I wouldn't neccessarily recommend a special trip. On the other hand, the spare ribs I got for lunch from the nearby market were absolutely spectacular, so might be enough of a reason to go.

After a fairly hectic week we kept the weekend fairly free, and now I'm back at work, trying to wind up and make sure everything is ready to hand over when I finish in a couple of weeks.
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